Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Great Farm Summer in Bushwick!

Its been an amazing first summer at the Bushwick Campus Farm, with a bumper crop of farm fresh produce for the local farmer's market. This was the work of Green Guerillas, which hired a group of Bushwick students to maintain the farm under farm manager Joe Chavez. And there's EcoStationNY, which runs the Bushwick Farmer's Market, where our greens, tomatoes, eggplants, and flowers are sold to local residents. Financial incentives for EBT users make sure that fresh greens are affordable to all.
Beyond the market, we are starting to supply to local restaurants, like Cafe Ghia. As we expand our base, its important to remember that all net income is reinvested, to keep our Campus Farm growing.

With our economic approach, the only way to grow is up!

Stay tuned for just that, our planned hydroponic fence project with Boswyck Farms, coming in September!

Till then, take a look at some wonderful galleries of farm photos!

Adam J Schwartz--Schwartzy's Photo Gallery (Close ups)