Sunday, June 6, 2010

Happy SIP Container Gardening! Earthbox is just the Beginning

On the roof at Bushwick Campus, our GreenLab is getting its first workout. Inspired by the Earthbox we got at Home Depot, we are now expirementing with a few other DIY planters types.

We have a lot of 5 gallon "carboy" Deer Park bottles. They take quite a lot of work to cut open, I have found...

Thanks, custodian crew! I don't have my own circular saw!

The Cat Litter box was much easier. Just picked it up on the street. Both are bottom reservoir type containers, like the tote box in the last post. They both have drain holes for
access water.

i have a tote box type planter I'll show ya'll next week. Soon, we'll take on tires!

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