Sunday, March 20, 2011

Big first step: move those trees!

With the help and support of our sponsor,
Dragonetti Brothers Landscaping service, we were able to clear space for our campus community garden.

Students from BSSJ and AUP planted 6 Cherry Trees, 5 Zelkovas, and 5 Honey
Locust. For the last two years they have maintained them as well.

But as schools change, their needs for using their campus changes. Campus officials supported our request to move 6 of the trees for our garden, and to make more room for extracurricular athletics.

After two growing seasons, these trees are still small, but it would've taken at least two days to move them.

With the help of Dragonetti Brothers Landscaping, our garden's main sponsor, it only took one hour!

After they repositioned the trees, Crew chief Joe Delarosa advised us on how to prune them for best growth, and Nick Ramos showed us how to water them.

All his helped ensure that in their new homes on Bushwick Campus, they will keep growing for a long time.

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