Sunday, May 8, 2011

day 5 - replanting in preparation for a fundraiser!

Wednesday's garden club had one purpose:
repot plants into larger potters so that AUP could sell them for a Mother's Day fundraiser.

However, before we could get started some of the students found the clothing recycle that is in the corner of Mr. Schwartz's room. 


So, of course, we had to try on and model some of the awesome clothes we found in there.


Now we are ready to work!

First we had to make our soil.

Then we had to set up.

We put newspaper down, because we knew it would be messy. And we made three replanting stations -- one each for mint, lavender, and oregano.

We had to take the plants out of these planters -- some were too big and some were too small -- and put them into planters that are easily sold..

 Here we are replanting!

(We even had a parent come and visit!)

Here are some of our final products!!

parting shot:

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