Sunday, May 2, 2010

BUSHWICK GREEN TEAM is selling t-shirts!!!

Hey friends!

These days everyone is trying to be green, but it's hard. How can we help without totally changing everything we do and turning our lives upside down? It seems like fixing the environment is an insurmountable problem, but the Bushwick Green Team is here to tell you that that is not true. In fact, we have partnered with an organization called WE ADD UP that has a very inspiring slogan: "No one can do everything. Everyone can do something." For them, the something that you can do is buy an awesome t-shirt with a customizable environmental theme. This may sound very simple, and it is, but the message these t-shirts hold can and will inspire you and those around you to make changes in their lives to better the environment.

So check out bushwick green team + WE ADD UP and buy yourself and everyone you know a t-shirt!!

We Add Up - Stop Climate Change

Still not convinced? Let me tell you why these shirts are so cool and why you should purchase one:
  1. They are organic cotton - very happy for the environment!
  2. Each shirt is individually numbered - you will have a truly unique shirt!
  3. You can custom order your t-shirt to have any one of the 25+ designs
  4. WE ADD UP also sells tote bags, mugs, and bumper stickers
  5. If you order 2 or more t-shirts the shipping is free! Or you can choose to ship it carbon-free for a very small fee!
  6. A portion of each product is donated to an environmental organization
  7. A portion of each product also is donated to the Bushwick Green Team. The Bushwick Green Team is an organization made up of students and teachers from the three schools located at the former Bushwick High School Campus in Bushwick, Brooklyn-- Academy of Urban Planning, Academy for Environmental Leadership, and Bushwick School for Social Justice-- that have come together to make the Bushwick community more environmentally friendly. We have a lot great ideas to affect change at the Bushwick Campus and in the community, for example:
    1. We are building a new garden on the school grounds that will be used as a learning environment as well as a supplement to cafeteria food
    2. We are working with another garden in the community as well, the Linden-Bushwick Community Garden
    3. We are starting recycling programs for batteries, cellphones, medicine, paper, etc.
    4. We want to educate students about what small things they can do in their every day lives to help the environment through field trips, movie showings, speaker presentations, etc.
    5. We want to educate people in the Bushwick community about cooking and eating healthily and environmentally friendly.

Again, check out bushwick green team + WE ADD UP and get a t-shirt or tote bag for you and your friends and family members. You will be helping out good causes and making a inspiring fashion statement.

Bushwick Green Team!

We encourage you to forward this website along to anyone and everyone you know, post the link on your facebook, myspace, or twitter. We can all help out in the fight to save the environment! Remember "No one can do everything. Everyone can do something."

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