Saturday, May 1, 2010

spring into green!

What a great day for plants and all plant related verbs!

The plants have been waiting all weeks for the big day, when they find who their new owner is!

So the plants that GROW NYC set aside for me were waiting patiently at the Hattie Cornan garden in Bed-Stuy.

It might have seemed a little crazy to order so many plants in early April. I had no idea where I would put them. One month later, we not only have a garden, but are assembling a team of teachers and students to grow it--the Bushwick Green Team.

Students from the Academy of Urban Planning helped us to get the little plantings to the roof, where they'll stay until we can get them in the ground at our new (as of yet undug) garden.

Ms. Bodanyi is a very grounded member of the team at the Academy of Environmental Leadership. Together with the Bushwick School for Social Justice, we share this amazing roof.

Yes, a roof! A roof with 4-foot parapets, making it a permitted space for outdoor instruction. And you can be assured that we are working on that! But for now, it is just the storage space for our garden, which still needs to be designed and dug!

Here is the space as it looks now

But ours is not the only greening going on at Bushwick Campus. Check out what Mr. Sambuerg is up to in front of the school! Garden boxes, for all three campuses! Now we have even more space to plant! Viva Verde!

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