Sunday, April 3, 2011

Lasagna makes a great first meal for garden!

The Bushwick Campus garden got a big start this weekend, when Brooklyn Botanic Garden hosted a lasagna gardening workshop, led by NYC Compost Project's Luke Halligan.

What is Lasagna Gardening?

Lasagna gardening is a whole new way of above ground gardening, that utilizes compost and other organic matter.
According to the blog Planting Seeds, lasagna gardening is an method of building your garden’s soil by adding layers of organic materials (in the same way you layer a lasagna) that will “cook down” over time and result in wonderful soil for your spring planting seeds and plants.

Luke Halligan has offered courses in Lasagna gardening all over NYC, and we were so happy that on Saturday, 4/2/11, he could bring his skills and leadership to lead our garden's first event.

The lovely black compost was provided by local Composting non-profit, Earth Matter. Thanks, Charlie Bayrer, for driving it over!

Thirty eager volunteers, from all walks of life, showed up. Together, we made light work of the task of piling all of these layers, greens and browns.

At the end, the volunteers set up two beds for us to plant. One they planted, one they left for my own students' potatoes, which have been growing in garbage bags this last month.

Even better, we have enough supplies for setting up two more beds this week.

Best of all, this was an energizing start to our garden, part of turning our small piece of turf into a community garden!

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