Wednesday, April 13, 2011

day 3 - planting herbs!!

today's garden club was great --
we mixed soil, made newspaper pots, and planted herbs!

thanks dragonetti brothers for the donated herbs!!!

first, we had to make newspaper strips.

then, we made newspaper pots.

while some of us were making the pots, some of us were mixing up the soil.

then we had to fill the pots.

(and we had fun doing it!)

then it was time to plant.
look at all of those great looking plants!
we had thyme, oregano, lavender, and mint.

we had to put the plants in the pots and then cover them with more dirt.

and schwartzy was nice and let us each take one home!!
now we can teach our family about planting
and have awesome fresh herbs!

it was a great day.
and we learned a lot.

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