Monday, April 11, 2011

Day 2 of bushwick campus farms

So last Wednesday we had our second meeting of the Bushwick Garden Club.

And it was awesome!

There were a whole bunch of people there to help out:
- Sean, Travis, and Cristian from EcoStation: NY
- Kendell from Earth Matter
- Lee from Boswyck Farms
- a master composter from Brooklyn Botanic Gardens

First, we looked out the lasagna beds that were built last Saturday and learned how to make them.

Then, we got to make 2 more lasagna beds all by ourselves.

First, we put down our layer of cardboard.

Then, we added layers of straw, compost, and greens, until our new bed was the same size as the original beds we were copying.

While most of that was going on Kendell had students testing the dirt to find out if we can plant right into the ground or if we need to build boxes to plant in.

We found bits of bricks and other items, but hopefully there is no lead in this dirt so we can start planting and we can save some money on building boxes.

Up next week -- plant seeds so when it is warm enough outside we will have plantlings we can stick into the ground.

Also, on Saturday was the Green Schools Conference and Resource Fair.

The Bushwick Green Team made a lot of contacts and met a lot of really cool people that can hopefully help us out with our garden/farm.

Plus we got to sample really awesome organic foods!!

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  1. Thank you for attending the conference and blogging about it!
    I'm Sara Allan, the director of social media for the Green Schools Alliance, and I wanted to let you know that we will be linking to this post from our Facebook page.