Saturday, April 2, 2011

Campus Garden Team--first meeting

An original inspiration for our school-wide organization was to start a campus garden. In our second year, we are finally getting to do it!

this week saw the first full meeting of the Green Team Garden Club, with 15 students from all three schools on our campus. (AUP, BSSJ, and AEL). In our introductions, we learned that many students have a range of experience working in gardens, and farms. They all wanted to get back to the soil!

But the experience of EcoStationNY, our local community partner, counts for a lot too. Their experience in farming and farmers-markets, will clearly give us a big head start. They helped us start off with a design and discussion session, to help us see the task ahead.

And we do have a big task! We have a large blank slate, over 3,000sq ft. of undeveloped garden space to organize. We gave it a visit, to start the design process in earnest.

We will be continuing it every week, and hope you can be a part.

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